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Firearms Training from Beginners to Advanced


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Mindset plays an important role in one’s survivability in a gun fight, or the protection of yourself or your loved ones. To help you attain the proper mindset, it helps to train like you fight! If you have never been in a fight, this becomes vitally important. Training realistically will cause your mind to relate to the real possibilities and create the muscle memory you will need in those instances where the fight or flight response affects us. In instance after instance, those who have been in fights and survived reported that their training just kicked in and it was not something they had to consciously think of, allowing them to focus on what they needed to do to survive! The key is to cover every conceivable scenario and play it out using effective training techniques. For example, you would want to practice reloading your pistol, or immediate action drills (failure of a round to feed in the weapon, or a double-feed of a round into your weapon, aka failure to eject). These are just a few of the many drills you should practice, until it becomes muscle memory. Remember mindset, is the mind using what it knows effectively and efficiently, with the attitude that you are going to win!


Sight Picture

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Centering your front sight centered in the rear sight, the front sight should be in focus and the rear sight should be out of focus/blurry.  Placing the sights center mass on the target/threat and the target/threat and the target/threat should be out of focus or blurry. The key is to focus on the front sight while breaking the shot.

Shooting Safety/Rules

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1.   All guns are always loaded

2.   Never point your muzzle at anything that you are not willing to destroy

3.   Ensure your finger is off of the trigger until your sights are on your threat/target

4.   Be sure of your threat/target  (and the surroundings)