Tactical Options Consulting

Firearms Training from Beginners to Advanced

At Tactical Options Consulting we are focused on providing premier training for firearms and tactics, from the basics to the advanced.  We strive to give you the skill sets and experience to make you confident in providing your own self defense, and tactics that will give you the survivability you will need for a successful outcome.  Whether it is protection of yourself/family, or others, you will have a confidence you have never experienced. 


Daniel Garcia, the Owner and Primary Instructor, is a Gulf War Veteran, serving in the U.S. Marines, now retired. Daniel served in the following capacities and with the following qualifications. 

Military Police: Watch Commander and Special Reaction Team Commander 

Special Operations Section: Assistant Team Leader/Team Sniper

Security Forces:  Sergeant of the Guard, Instructor/Chief Instructor


  • Primary Marksmanship Instructor
  • USMC Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Competed in Rifle and Pistol Intramural matches and U.S. Marine Corps team matches, to include          the Easter Division Matches for Security Force Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps.  Winning the Wirgman          Trophy.
  • Certified USMC Combat Shotgun/Combat Pistol and MP-5 Instructor
  • Completed 2nd Marine Division Scout Sniper Course and was assigned as a team Sniper/Observer.   
  • Served as Weapons Instructor Marine Security Forces , teaching advanced small arms training and           was assigned as the Chief Instructor for the Close Quarters Battle (CQB) section, teaching advanced       Weapons and Close Quarters Battle tactics to Security Forces operators. 
  • While serving in Marine Security Forces,  Daniel has had the privilege of being assigned to train               the elite FBI, DEA, ATF, and many Local Law Enforcement SWAT teams. 
  • In Special Operations, Daniel performed Close Protection for Dignitaries/VIPs, and performed Covert      Operations, and Counter Narcotics/Drug interdiction operations.  
  • Certified as a DEA Tactical Instructor at the DEA Instructor's Course in Quantico, Virginia.